Over 55 years of sun and salt water took its toll on the Chris-Craft bay cruiser’s all wooded exterior and interior. Most of the boat will need to be torn down to its ribs and rebuilt using modern materials. The wooden personality of the bay cruiser will remain intact as much as possible, including the original mahogany interior. This will require “old school” craftsmanship combined with modern technology.

The 1984 Chris-Craft Scorpion has taken a tremendous beating under the desert sun. The Scorpion has a fiberglass body and will require total refinishing as will the interior.

Catch the commotion and watch the process unfold. If you want to be a part of this exciting project just let us know, we can use all the help we can get.

The first step is to start the dismantling and labeling of all the parts of the bay cruiser while we look for the hull number so we can get the original blue prints. This will require a lot of hard labor and patience. The bay cruiser may look a little strange since it is a tri-cabin and all you see is two levels. The top part of the boat had to be cut off so it could be transported from San Diego to Phoenix.

The first step for the Scorpion is to sand down the outside of the fiberglass and prepare it for refinishing, again, a lot of labor and patience.

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